Our Yacht transport route

Starting from the Norwegian port of Bergen, our voyage takes you to Bremerhaven and Rotterdam. We then set sail for the historic port of Southampton, before venturing towards the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean.

We make stops at the port of Alcudia, Nice or Imperia, and the ancient city of Valletta.

We then navigate towards the Port of Split, the cultural heart of Croatia, before heading to Lavrion, at Greece's stunning coastline.

As the voyage progresses, our route takes us to Istanbul, a city straddling both Europe and Asia, and the touristic port of Marmaris.

Throughout this journey, Starclass guarantees the utmost care and professional handling of your yacht, ensuring its safe arrival at your port of call.

Route map

Route map

Departure every three weeks from Bergen to Fethiye and v.v.

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